Download iOS 8 Beta 2 IPSW Sekarang

Yang menanti update iOS 8 Beta 1, sekarang iOS 8 Beta 2 sudah resmi dirilis oleh Apple. Dan terlihat di Halaman Download Developer Center. Sedangkan bagi pengguna iOS 8 Beta 1 bisa juga langsung update via OTA dengan besaran file download kisaran 290-320MB.

Info iOS 8 Beta 2 di Halaman Dev Center Apple
Info iOS 8 Beta 2 di Halaman Dev Center Apple

Besaran berbeda ini tergantung dengan Spesifikasi atau jenis iDevice yang dimiliki. Apa saja yang baru di iOS 8 Beta 2. Lumayan banyak pembenahan. Yang kalian bisa simak dibawah ini. 

iOS 8 Beta 2 highlights:

Inilah Ukuran File OTA Update iOS 8 Beta 2
Inilah Ukuran File OTA Update iOS 8 Beta 2
  • App Store: you can now leave reviews and show Family Purchases. Also, Purchased items now sorted by purchase date rather than alphabetically.
  • Camera/Photos: Camera puts photo thumbnails to correct photos. Photos puts up a splash page offering to enable iCloud Photos, replacing your existing Photo Stream settings. There’re also related new Last Synced and Pause options under Settings > iCloud > Photos.
  • Messages: Camera and Voice buttons in Messages are no longer blue, the ability to mark all messages as read, new Raise to Listen option in Settings > Messages to let you “quickly listen and reply to incoming audio messages by raising the phone to your ear”.
  • Notifications: a new per-app Allow Notifications switch inside Settings > Notifications allows you to disable all notifications for a given app with one switch instead of multiple toggles.
  • Privacy: a new Home Data section in Settings > Privacy for apps that have requested access to home data via Apple’s new HomeKit platform.
  • QuickType keyboard: Apple’s new soft-keyboard with predictive suggestions is now available on iPad, though not on the iPad 2. Note that you must have Auto-Correct turned on to use QuickType.
  • Safari: a new feature called Quick Website Search, now blocks ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store without user content, pinch to tab view on the iPad.
  • Settings: Brightness control under Wallpaper and Brightness now works as expected, the Settings app remembers previous position when swiping back, Battery Usage by App in General > Usage > Battery Usage has a new No Cell Coverage label denoting how much juice your iPhone used when no coverage was available.
  • Various tidbits: Clock app remembers your last used tab; Handoff works between iOS 8 and Yosemite and is more functional though still not fully baked; AirDrop between iOS and Yosemite no longer requires having a Finder window open to receive a file; Apple’s Podcasts app comes preinstalled and can’t be deleted.

Lumayan Komplit kan? Beberapa pembenahan ini belum pasti akan menjadi versi final atau Gold Master. Mengingat iOS 8 ini masih cukup lama. Seperti biasa Apple akan memberikan update iOS 8 Beta ini secara reguler. Biasanya sebelum menyentuh ke Golden Master atau versi Emas sebelum rilis ada sekitar 5-8 Beta yang akan dirilis.

Bagi yang nggak suka OTA update atau baru mau mencoba iOS 8 Beta 2. Silahkan download dibawah ini. Pastikan kalian sudah terdaftar di Akun Developer iOS yaa


iPod touch:

Perlu di ingat, iOS 8 hanya mendukung Device2 dibawah ini. iOS 8 Beta 2 ini juga mempunyai Build Number 12A4297e.

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S
  • iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • 5th generation iPod touch

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